Fri 17 Dec 2021 10:06

As a rugby club, we know the importance of creating an environment where we can support the development of our members in a safe and fun way. This includes players, coaches and supporters. 

The added presence of many substances in modern society is becoming the norm. We aim to educate as much as we can as members might both attempt to enhance performance and enjoy themselves socially. We have a no tolerence policy as a club and make this quite clear to all. 

At the end of the day, a community rugby is one that should be a safe and aspirational enviroment for the next generation. We all need to set the right examples. 

To learn more about substances and what the consequences are on a larger scale, here are some more information form the RFU

DoR Armand Roux had the following to say about our approach:

"There are lots of pressures in the modern game to perform and players often turn to supplements to support them with performance and recovery which all athletes do. Making sure our players are educated enough on supplement use, to make sensible decisions are very important to us at DRFC and it is a topic we take very seriously. Socially there will always be a wider challenge in modern society and again its down to us to educate"

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