Mon 11 Sep 2023 22:01

Replacing our longstanding 300 club, we are delighted to introduce the 1921 Club.

1921 Club

What is the 1921 Club?

The 1921 is a club draw which will take place each month where 50% of donations will go back into the club for Rugby development and special projects purposes while the other 50% of donations will form part of prizes up for grabs.

There will be two prizes at each draw 30% going to the winner and 20% going to the second number drawn on the day. The prizes will depend upon how many people join the Club.

A live draw will take place at the Club each month after a home game and will take place at the following home games:

  • Westcombe Park on the 30th of September
  • Guernsey on the 14th of October
  • Sevenoaks on the 25th of November
  • Esher on the 9th of December
  • Barnes on the 20th of January
  • Old Albanians on the 24th of February
  • Henley on the 16th of March
  • Wimbledon on the 27th of April

Draws during the off-season in May, June, July and August will be carried out by using a randomly selecting software and will be recorded and shared in our weekly newsletter. 

How to join the 1921 Club?

You can join the 1921 Club by setting up a direct debit utilising the links below and choosing how many tickets/numbers you would like to purchase on a monthly basis. 


For any Questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Helen Mackenzie on